Designer. Strategic dreamer. Compulsive tea drinker.

1062 is an independent creative studio driven by a desire to create effective, design-driven solutions. I believe collaboration is a foundational part of success (well that and a nice pot of Earl Grey) and have a build-in-the-open philosophy. What does that mean?

It means I do my best to demystify the design process so that the tools I craft for you feel accessible and easy to use. I firmly believe that when people understand the why and how of something, they’re more likely to use it successfully. When you work with me you’re saying yes to a creative & collaborative studio that genuinely believes that at the most fundamental level, when you succeed – I succeed.

You see, it’s true what they say, a rising tide does lift all boats. And that’s why I’m here – to help you rise.

(And drink a lot of tea.)

Gina Fernandez, Creative Director

1062 Creative Studio